Terms and Conditions 條款及細則 :  
  1. Pre-Order Confirmation 確認預購訂單 : 
    a. By placing a pre-order, you acknowledge that the product or service is not currently available for immediate delivery and that the estimated delivery date provided is subject to change. 透過預訂,你確認所購買的產品或服務並不能即時提貨,產品到達日期可能會有所更改。 
    b. Pre-order confirmation does not guarantee the availability of the product or service. 確認預購訂單並不保證產品或服務的供應。 
    c. Products will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Your pre-order will only be confirmed upon successful payment processing. 請注意預訂產品的供應將按照先到先得的原則進行分配。   只有在成功完成付款處理後,您的預訂產品才能得到確認。   
  2. Payment 付款: 
    a. You agree to pay the full amount specified at the time of pre-order placement. 你同意在預訂時繳付指定金額的全額。  
  3. Quantity Restriction 數量限制: 
    a. Each customer is limited to purchasing only one pieces per product during the pre-order period. 每位客戶在預購期間,每款產品只能購買一件 。
    b. Any attempts to circumvent this restriction may result in the cancellation of the pre-order without a refund. 任何試圖逃避此限制的行為可能導致預訂被取消,且不予退款。 
  4. Delivery 交付: 
    a. The estimated delivery date provided at the time of pre-order is an approximate date and subject to change. 預訂時提供的預計交付日期僅供參考,可能會有所更改。 
    b. We will make reasonable efforts to deliver the product or service within the estimated timeframe, but we are not responsible for any delays beyond our control. 我們將盡力在預計的時間範圍內交付產品或服務,但對於任何超出我們控制範圍的延遲,我們不承擔責任。 
    c. If the delivery date changes, we will notify you of the revised timeframe. 如果交付日期有所更改,我們將通知你有關修訂的時間範圍。 
  5. Cancellation and Refunds 取消與退款 : 
    a. You may cancel your pre-order at any time before the payment has been made and confirmed. 你可以在付款和確認之前隨時取消預訂。 
    b. The payment made for a pre-order is non-refundable, except as expressly stated in these terms and conditions or as required by applicable law. 除非在相關法律要求或此份條款及細則清楚列明的情況下,預訂所支付的款項一經付款後,不予退款。 
  6. Product Changes 產品變更: 
    a. We reserve the right to make changes to the product or service specifications, features, or design before the final delivery. 我們保留在最終交付前更改產品或服務的規格、特點或設計的權利。 
    b. In the event of significant changes, we will notify you and provide you with the option to proceed with the pre-order or cancel for a refund. 如果有重大變更,我們將通知你並提供選擇繼續預訂或取消並退款的選項。