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All-New "TerraTones" Natural Dye Collection - Upcycling Argricultural Waste Into Natural Dye

We are proud to announce its latest product innovation: the “TerraTones” Natural Dye Collection, centered on upcycling agricultural waste into natural dyes. By bringing nature and technology closer together, the brand has developed a way to make natural dye garments more accessible to consumers.

We use a proprietary technology that improves both the color fastness and color depth of natural dye, helping the “TerraTones” Natural Dye T-shirts retain their color better and longer than traditional natural dye products – even through washing, drying and light exposure.

This dyeing technology allows the brand to take unwanted agricultural waste such as husks, skins and plant parts, and upcycle them into natural dyes. The use of agricultural waste helps eliminate the need for cultivating new land to grow fresh plants for dye production. In addition, by utilizing unwanted plant materials that would otherwise be discarded, the brand is providing an additional revenue stream for their farm partners.

The “TerraTones” collection is inspired by vintage wash tees–an homage to the past, present and future of garment transformation. By extracting the pigments of pomegranate rind, indigo, gallnut and chlorophyll, the brand introduces one-of-a-kind natural dye colors: Khaki, Blue, Stone Grey and Light Mint. Through “TerraTones,” DETERMINANT takes naturally dyed tees and elevates them to daily essentials: 100% cotton, comfortable, versatile and most importantly, responsibly made.

“TerraTones” Natural Dye Collection is available for sale online and in select retail stores in Hong Kong:

New Town Plaza Flagship Store

Shop 413A, 4/F, New Town Plaza 1, Sha Tin, New Territories

LAB Concept (Queensway) Store

Shop B02, LAB Concept, Queensway Plaza, 93 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong


Shop G006, G/F, Airside, 2 Concorde Road, Kai Tak, San Po Kong


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