power of volcanoes

Volcanic Viscose Yarn

Harnessing the scorching power of volcanoes, we’ve blended fine volcanic rock powder with viscose fiber to create the extraordinary Volcanic Viscose Yarn. This innovative creation boasts exceptional thermal insulation properties, ensuring that you stay incredibly warm even in the harshest winter conditions.


unseen forces of the sun

Sun Warm

Our FIR-coated fabric absorbs the electromagnetic radiation from the sun, and converts into thermal energy. Meanwhile, it also deflects the far-infrared emitted by the human body, preventing heat from dispersing outwards, and enhancing overall heat-retention performance.

Laboratory tests have shown that FIR-coated cotton fabric can increase the wearer’s body temperature by 1.4° C.


optimal warmth and comfort

Redefining Winterwear

Customize your ultimate HeatGuard ensemble by layering different pieces for those crucial winter occasions. With a range of versatile options, create a personalized combination that blends functionality and style seamlessly.

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