What is 360 Better?

360 Better is DETERMINANT’s sustainability plan to build a zero-waste future and promote social mobility throughout our business. We see ourselves as part of a larger system and are committed to continuously being better for the planet and the people we work with. By accelerating our rate of innovation, and prioritizing partnerships to explore new technologies and business models, we drive positive change and create value for the environment and community.

What sustainability means at DETERMINANT

At DETERMINANT, we strive to be leaders in creating a better blueprint for the business of fashion, where integrity is at the forefront of everything we do. Our mission begins with creating great shirts - paying close attention to how it fits, how it’s made and what it’s made from. We are committed to creating value for all those involved in the production process, from the people who make our clothes to those who wear them. Through an integrated approach to sustainability, we aim to inspire others to be better with us.

What is Better by 2025?

As we work towards a sustainable future, we understand that it's not something we can achieve overnight. The challenges we face require taking bold steps, setting realistic goals, and promoting collective action across the value chain. To set our foundation for a zero-waste future and promote social mobility, we start by defining what “better” means to us by 2025. These are the key topics DETERMINANT will focus on in the next few years:


Reduce water footprint of products by 3%

Less than 20% of textile is wasted in production

Product packaging is recyclable or biodegradable

Life of garments extended

Improving livelihoods within our teams, manufacturing partners and communities

Together with our partners and suppliers, we are taking a holistic and collaborative approach to creating value through every DETERMINANT shirt. This is just a starting point on our journey of continuous improvement. 360 Better will evolve as we embrace our imperfection, learn and develop new ways to accelerate our impact. We may not be there yet, but we know where we are headed.

We are better together.
Join us as we continue taking bold steps in being 360 Better.