Every BODY deserves a well-fitted, comfortable shirt.

After years of painstaking research and body size data analysis, DETERMINANT has formulated 61 size combinations of dress shirt to suit all Asian body types.

This year, we launched the ‘THE61S’ campaign, which brought together 61 people from all walks of life to try on our dress shirts and join a photoshoot showcasing every one of our 61 sizes. Whatever your size, DETERMINANT has a shirt for you!

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61 voices and thoughts all in one room.

We invited the participants to share their thoughts on topics like “perseverance”, “inspiration”, “happiness” and “support” during the group interview session. The good atmosphere drove participants to share their unique experiences and their game-changing stories. We treasure the debate, the conversation and the different voices collected heard.


61 people, 61 sizes, limitless possibilities.

The 61 participants come from a wide range of different backgrounds, and each has their own unique stories to tell. By bringing them together in a photoshoot, we were able to showcase our extensive choice of sizes for different body types.

Dress shirts in 61 sizes

Whatever your size, we have you covered

“Perfection” is at the heart of everything we do. Unlike other off-the-rack shirt brands, our dress shirts are available in 61 collar, sleeve and fit combinations for a more precise fit.

Trust us – whatever you may already have in your wardrobe, our shirts won’t fail to impress.

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