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DETERMINANT Defies Stereotypes Of Dress Shirts With AI-Generated On-Model Images

Introducing the "Shirts For Everywhere" campaign. DETERMINANT aims to become the first local menswear brand in Hong Kong to use AI-generated on-model pictures to showcase the try-on images of various white shirts, reinterpreting conventional formal wear.

We have always been committed to incorporating innovative features into shirts, and believe that wearing shirts should not be limited to business and formal occasions. Stepping into 2024, we are taking a step further and breaking boundaries with you, reimagining 5 shirt collections with unique functionalities.

Our signature wrinkle-free technology achieves a wrinkle resistance level of DP 3.5. The shirts are breathable, soft, and comfortable, and can be worn right away after your usual hang-drying process, eliminating the hassle of ironing.

The VISDRY™ technology, with its dual-sided fabric structure, effectively prevents the formation of sweat stains. Even in the face of rain or sweat, the shirts remain neat and tidy.

The HeatGuard Volcanic Viscose Yarn technology, derived from volcanic rocks, provides exceptional insulation while maintaining a lightweight and comfortable fabric.

Also, the FIR-coated Fabric in the HeatGuard Collection can absorb the solar electromagnetic wave while reflecting and retaining the far infrared emitted by our bodies - laboratory test has shown that FIR-coated fabric can raise skin surface temperature by 1.4°c.

The Supreme collection uses the extremely durable and soft-to-touch YL39 cotton or the silky-smooth cotton-silk blend as the crafting material, creating an unparalleled level of comfort.

The InstantCool fabric combines natural cooling elements, providing a cool and comfortable wearing experience in all weather. The shirts also incorporate natural antibacterial properties, ensuring freshness and cleanliness even in the heat of summer.

Shirts are no longer just a piece of fabric or a work outfit. They are no longer dull attire.

"Shirts For Everywhere" emphasizes that regardless of the occasion or time, shirts with unique functionalities and a perfect fit can allow you to focus on enjoying the present moment and showcase your confidence, no matter where you are or what situation you are in.

Choose and purchase a shirt that matches your creativity. Wear the most suitable style and embark on endless possibilities.

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