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【DETERMINANT x Mind HK】 Let Your Inner Hero Shine Through With The “City Guardian” Mini-Game

Discover our latest Marvel Collection, "Mind Over Matter," and embark on an extraordinary journey into the world of the mental well-being of superheroes. Step into the PopCorn pop-up store, where you'll find an incredible selection of Marvel apparel items, accessories, action figures, and more that are flying off the shelves!

The “City Guardian” 【DETERMINANT x Mind HK】

But that's not all. As part of our exclusive campaign experience, we are excited to introduce an interactive game that will ignite your imagination and empower you to enhance your mind. Introducing "City Guardian," a captivating game developed in collaboration with Mind HK, a renowned mental health charity. Immerse yourself in this unique gaming experience, which prompts players to regularly check in with their emotions and thoughts, while raising awareness and promoting “Mind Over Matter”. Discover your hero traits as the game unfolds and receive a personalized analysis, along with expert tips on mind training from Opal Li, clinical advisor at Mind HK. Get ready to tap into your full superhero potential - try it now (Event ended)

Got your result? Learn more about the support and services offered by Mind HK:

Mental Health A - Z: Information and advice on a range of mental health topics.

Improving Access to Community Therapies (iACT®): The free, short-term, and remote mental-health support to local citizens.

Free Emotional Wellbeing Check-in: A one-time 45-minute conversation with you to understand your current emotional well-being status and needs.

Redeeming Your Gift

Upon completing the test, you’re welcome to visit our pop-up store, and redeem a Marvel limited-edition gift set, simply by presenting your result page, and signing up for The DETERMINANT Club.

Visit our pop-up store at PopCorn, and let your inner hero shine through!

Location: Atrium, 1/F, PopCorn, 9 Tong Yin Street, Tseung Kwan O

Date: 1st May - 19th May

Time: 11:00am - 10:00pm

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