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Joining "Water" for a Sustainable Future: DETERMINANT and A Drop of Life Team Up

Water is a finite resource that is essential for the health of ecosystems and the survival of plant and animal species. While the Earth is covered in water, only a small percentage of that water is usable for humans. As the world's population continues to grow, the demand for water will only increase. In addition to the challenge of meeting this growing demand, water resources are also threatened by pollution, climate change, and other factors.

Conserving water is therefore essential for ensuring the sustainability of our planet and the well-being of people and the environment. By taking steps to save water in our daily lives and in our businesses, we can help to ensure that there is enough clean water for generations to come. As you might know, DETERMINANT is committed to sustainability and has made significant strides in reducing our environmental footprint. Today, we are pleased to partner with A Drop of Life, a non-profit organization focusing on sustainable water management and bringing clean water to those in need, to support the organization's "Shop For Water" charity sale.

"Shop For Water" charity sale by A Drop of Life

This year marks the 25th anniversary of A Drop of Life, to commemorate this special occasion and in recognition of World Water Day on March 22, A Drop of Life is launching the "Shop For Water" charity sale to raise funds and awareness about the global water crisis. From March 22 to April 23, A Drop of Life will be partnering with 18 blue vendors to sell blue-colored products. Each product sold represents a "drop" of hope for those who need it most. 100% or a portion of the proceeds from these products will go towards supporting A Drop of Life's life-saving work.

DETERMINANT is proud to support the "Shop For Water" charity sale as one of the vendors by providing well-designed A Drop of Life Special Edition T-shirts and donating 5% of sales from blue products. The campaign perfectly aligns with our commitment to sustainability and with our responsible manufacturing partner, who prioritizes water conservation in production operations. Using sustainable dyeing techniques, "zero water discharge" Eco-Wash and implementing advanced foam finishing techniques that save up to 44% water and 25% energy per ton of fabric.

*100% of sales from A Drop of Life Special Edition T-shirt will be donated

  1. [A Drop of Life] Super Soft Crew Neck T-Shirt | Light Blue BLE237
  2. [A Drop of Life] Regal Crew Neck T-Shirt | Blue NYE073

**Every purchase from our blue series will result in a 5% donation

We back blue up

At DETERMINANT, we are excited to join forces with A Drop of Life's "Shop For Water" charity sale to promote sustainable water management. By collaborating with like-minded organizations to raise awareness, promote responsible manufacturing practices, and engage with communities, we aim to deliver a powerful message: that protecting our most precious natural resource, water, is everyone's responsibility. Together, we can make a difference and inspire others to join the cause of water conservation, support sustainable brands like us, helping to build a more sustainable future for all. Today.


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