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The story behind DET30™ masks

As a simple yet powerful shield to limit the spread of COVID-19 virus, face masks have become an essential part of our daily lives since 2020. Although masks are in abundance now, shortages in the early days of the pandemic caused a period of panic buying and stockpiling of personal protective equipment.

It was during these challenging times that we decided to develop a reusable cotton mask – exploring ways to leverage our technology and textile manufacturing expertise. Although we had years of experience in making apparel, mask production was a whole other ball game. Our R&D and product teams devoted many sleepless nights, finding the best combination of protection, fit and craftsmanship. It was imperative to create a mask with protection and comfort at the top of mind.

Our team also adapted manufacturing lines to develop a reusable cotton mask. The first batch of production came off the lines in just ten days. Anti-bacterial and water-repellent technology are applied to the mask to stop the reproduction of bacteria, and obstruct droplets that carry water-borne diseases. The adjustable ear loop design allows users to find their best and most comfortable fit. Cotton as a material, also offers comfort and less irritation on the skin.

DET30™ can be washed and reused up to 30 times while retaining its protective properties. It is also a great alternative for consumers that want to reduce waste in their daily lives. Since then, DET30™ has been optimized continuously based on the user feedback. Different versions of DET30™ has been developed to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers, such as DET30™ Summer Cool, Plus and Plus 3D Series . Today, DET30™ is still a popular and sustainable choice - functional technologies combined with smart and versatile designs.

Since launch, we have donated over 4.34 million masks to much needed communities around the world and will continue with our donation efforts. For each dollar you spend, we pledge to match it in mask donations.

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