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What to Wear on a First Date? 5 Winter Outfit Ideas to Make a Great First Impression!

Everyone knowns that winter is the most magical time of the year, also a perfect time to plan out a romantic first date. If you want to win someone’s heart this Christmas, all you need to do is choose the right outfits and the right activities.

We know you hope to come off as stylish and interesting, however, it is easier said than done. The new outfits may not look good on you, or the dating activity is probably not her thing. These can make the date seriously awkward. No worries, we are here to help! Below are 5 date ideas for you to plan a flawless one. Whether you are a chatty, artistic, sporty or adventurous person, we are sure you and the person you love most will have a day to remember.

Cocktail Bar Date X Blazer à “He looks confident and has a good taste!”

Grabbing drinks on a first date is a great idea. Who doesn't like tasty cocktail? Plus, alcohol will help ease the tension and shave away the awkwardness. Even if you are not a talkative person, after the first drink or two, you will feel more relaxed. Just dress for the occasion in your smart blazer and twill pants – it will give you the confidence you will need for a successful first date.

Sports Event Date x Rugby Shirt à “It was fun hanging out with him!”

If the girl is also interested in sports like you do, dating at a sports event is an awesome idea! The noise and screams at the game will help avoid awkward silences, and you will be able to make unique and long-lasting memories with her! Blend into the scene with a rugby shirt, pants and white sneakers – they will help you shine on your first date.

Movie Date X Crew Neck Sweater à “Art enthusiast!”

If she is interested in art movies as well, a movie night at Yau Ma Tei Cinematheque is indisputably the best option for first date. You get to sit next to her for a couple of hours and then to discuss the plot – a lot of opportunities to understand her better. You can wear a shirt under a sweater for a classic and elegant look. It will work like a charm.

Motorcycle Date X Shirt Jacket à “The most adventurous date I have ever had!”

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, you can surely invite the girl for a night bike ride! I am not going to lie – girls like adventurous dates. It is not only because of the excitement, but also because it is more memorable and unique. Don’t forget it is going to be chilly at night, you may want to bring a shirt jacket to keep yourself and the girl warm during the ride.

Bookstore Date x Shawl Collar Cardigan à “He is even more attractive when he reads.”

Invite the girl to your favourite bookstore if you are a booklover. Women fancy men who read and think they will be a great partner to have in-depth conversations with. On the other hand, it is also a great chance to get to know her - you can tell a lot about a girl by noticing what type of book she likes. Shawl collar cardigan would be a nice pick for the bookstore date. You can also inject some personality into the look by adding a pair of glasses.

Whatever you decide to do on a first date, just wear something comfortable and be yourself. After all, everything is better in this festive season. Worry less and just enjoy the date!


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