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Gamechangers Defined

The lines between work and life are more blurred than ever. No longer is the workplace confined by cubicle walls, set work hours, or commuting to an office five days a week. The modern work-life is now centered around the people, and how they want to work. People are rethinking what is important to them, what personal success means, and how they want to live.

Modern professionals are sketching different blueprints for success and shaping their work-life against it.

They live with purpose, with each decision, and action guided by their personal values. With a mentality to be better, striving for continuous progress is key to their success.

Personal success comes in many forms. Some seek wealth, fame, or power in their respective fields, while others see success as living a better life, and improving their social status. From a high paid banker becoming an NGO founder, a manager making a mid-career pivot to a full-time dad, or a recent engineering graduate becoming an influencer – each one shows dedication to their values. They work hard to persevere and push forward. Whatever their definition of success, they embrace it as part of a meaningful life – a modern Gamechanger.

Gamechangers take on every challenge, every day, with the determination to succeed. DETERMINANT's mission is to create functional work-life wear to empower the Gamechangers. Whatever their work-life may look like, we make sure Gamechangers look and feel good so they can stay focused on their goals.


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