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Join our Global Mask Outreach

Gamechangers are committed to make people fulfil their potential, be better, and in turn impact the world around them. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we have found ourselves uniquely positioned to provide some much-needed protection to communities by donating our DET30™ reusable masks. Since 2020, we have donated 4.34 million masks globally, potentially replacing the need for 130 million single-use masks. Here are two of our stories we would love to share with you:


Alfanar is a UK-based international NGO that improves lives in the poorest areas of the Middle East through venture philanthropy. Sharing our aspiration to empower Gamechangers everywhere, Alfanar invests in grassroots social entrepreneurs to deliver sustainable education and employment solutions to vulnerable children, youth, and women.

Partnering with Alfanar, we were able to reach the Lebanese refugee camps, where COVID-19 was rapidly spreading and making their inhabitants even more vulnerable. Last February, we donated 10,000 DET30™ reusable masks to Alfanar-supported social enterprise Women’s Programs Association (WPA). Through the hard work of their volunteers, the masks were distributed across 10 refugee camps in Lebanon, providing protection to one of the world’s most underserved communities.



We R Family Foundation’s 333 Learning Companion Leadership Program

Building the Gamechangers of tomorrow starts from a solid foundation of quality education. The 333 Learning Companion Leadership Program run by Hong Kong-based NGO We R Family Foundation is one of those initiatives that aims to unleash the potential of underprivileged children. The Program is designed to improve children’s academic performance, while facilitating positive emotional and psychological development and instilling values of responsibility and willingness to help others – all marks of good future Gamechangers.

In a series of events last August, the Program ran a drawing competition participated by underprivileged children. DETERMINANT printed the winning designs on 1,000 pieces of DET30™ and donated them for fundraising purpose. Separately we donated 1,700 kid-sized and 800 adult-sized DET30™ to the beneficiaries of the Program.

DETERMINANT works with governments, academic institutions, medical organizations and NGOs in our #GlobalMaskOutreach initiative. We will continue our commitment to both our community and sustainability by matching every dollar spent and donating masks to those in need.


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