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Refresh your look in 2022 with simple styling tips

Whether 2021 dragged on for an eternity for you or went by in a flash, here we are facing 2022. All clichés acknowledged, it will never be a bad idea to approach a new year with fresh energy. If the Smart Shirt is a part of your day-to-day wardrobe, you could perhaps use some style tweaks. You know, some small upgrades that may even give you a little extra confidence – something we could all use to tackle the year ahead. And while so much of life these days is complicated, getting dressed doesn’t have to be.


Maybe you’ve put on a bit of muscle (or fat), or lost a little weight – it might be time to go up or down a size. Take a gentle but critical eye to how your clothes are fitting: are the buttons looking a little strained? Does the neck look a little loose? Wearing the correct size can be the difference between sloppy and smart. Make sure to check out our size guide to find your best fit.

packaging Poplin Smart Shirt in Black


Utilizing the different ways to button your shirt means you can widen your shirt’s ability to be worn in different contexts. Wearing your shirt open at the neck is a more relaxed styling technique, whereas buttoning it all the way up and ditching the tie presents a clean and modern, minimal aesthetic. Leaving your shirt open over a t-shirt takes your workwear straight to the weekend.

packaging Light Flannel Smart Shirt in light grey


Despite any trends favoring a half or messily tucked shirt, a well tucked in shirt is an art. Not only can it make you look more proportionate when done correctly, but it also signals that you pay attention to detail. Key point: make sure the line of your front buttons is vertically aligned with the fly of your trousers. And once you’re tucked in, commit to it.

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