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VISDRY: No more sweat stains workwear

Perfect outfit in all seasons - VISDRY Pique Polo shirts

Struggling in dressing up quickly every day? Feeling frustrated about workwear choices? Sweat stains always on shirts? VISDRY pique polo shirt s a men's must-have item in their wardrobes. It makes you look good effortlessly on a hot summer day, a rainy muggy day, or even a mild cold winter day. VISDRY’s unique features stand out among all your other brand choices. It is knitted in 97% cotton and 3% spandex. With VISDRY patented technology, it is a water-repellent workwear and masks sweat stains. Its high color fastness and non-piling features make it durable from time to time. VISDRY is the synonym of ‘functional’ and ‘fashionable’.

What is VISDRY Tech?

VISDRY technology masters textile quality which fits in all weathers. With VISDRY Tech, the outer of cloth is water-repellent. It keeps dry and reduces shrinkages all the time. The inner layer of cloth is able to absorb sweat efficiently or enables it to evaporate. The sweat stains will not appear on shirts. VISDRY tech masks sweat stains and makes its polo shirts breathable. If you sweat buckets in summer, VISDRY polo shirts will save you from the day. You may always look smart and ready to go on set.

Why VISDRY so unique?

Cotton-spandex blended workwear

Each VISDRY Pique Polo shirt is knitted with 97% cotton and 3% spandex. Cotton is one of the most commonly used fabric materials in the world. It is light and breathable which keeps skin cool. Cotton is a natural absorbent and it helps to dry naturally. It does not show any perspiration as synthetics do. VISDRY Polo shirts are comfortable workwear as they are cotton-rich (97%), unlike other brands of polo shirts which are itchy and irritating. Spandex is renowned for its exceptional elasticity and lasting shape delivered to all kinds of apparel. Spandex, also called the lycra fiber, is a popular use for dance and sportswear as it is lightweight, flexible and durable. With these two types of fibers, VISDRY shirts will be the best workwear in different workplaces and conditions.

Mask sweat stains

Have you encountered an embarrassing moment when sweat stains on shirts because of excessive underarm sweats? Not only embarrassing, but it is also annoying and frustrating for men on Hong Kong summer days. Hong Kong summer is always humid, wet and rainy. Men can sweat buckets under the sun even if they have not yet done the workout. VISDRY is definitely a savior for all the men.

VISDRY tech fabricates fibers to mask sweat stains and evaporate sweat. Even if you sweat heavily in Hong Kong summer, VISDRY polo shirts stay dry and cool. Unlike other brands of polo shirts, sweat stains may still remain on shirts even after drying under air conditioning. Combining VISDRY and performance care technologies, VISDRY polo shirts not only set you free from sweat stains, also from your embarrassment.

High color fastness

Worried about color fading by time? VISDRY can ease your worries. VISDRY tech specializes fabrics in high color fastness. Based on the experimental tests and feedbacks from our customers, VISDRY shirts conserved their colors in mild or extreme weather. With spandex fibers in VISDRY polo shirts, even under continuous washing and drying, they do not shrink and keep in still as their original shapes.


VISDRY tech builds textile non-pilling features. Even after washing and drying, the fabric keeps its texture and quality. It is the main feature as a workwear. Piling on routine workwear causes an untidy and unprofessional impression at the workplace. VISDRY prioritizes this feature and avoids piling under any conditions.

Styling with VISDRY Polo shirts

How to get my VISDRY fit?

The most important thing is to check the following 2 criteria: The length and the sleeves.

The shirt length should be long enough to tuck in and short enough to wear it untucked without it looking like a gown. For short sleeves, only hit midway of the biceps. For long sleeves, hit the wrists but not covering the palms. The polo workwear should be fit in the chests and arms but not skin tight. There should be a couple fingers under the sleeves.

Tuck in or untuck?

VISDRY polo shirts can of course go in both ways. Depending on the occasion, both ways give a different impression to people. Tucking in gives a professional and formal image. Untucking makes you look more casual and relaxing.

Have a core colored set of VISDRY

Each VISDRY polo is durable and well in shape in time. There is no doubt to own different colors of it in the wardrobes for choosing every day. We offer a broad range of classic colors including Black, White, Navy, Teal, and Brown. These classic colors are suitable as workwear on a regular working day while brightening the day up at weekends.

VISDRY as casual wears

Polo shirts are slightly classier than T-shirts. You may wear it in any scenario. The most casual way is to wear untucked polo shirts with flat shorts, sneakers. This apparel fits any weekend at friends’ gatherings or cafe dates. Friendly reminder for the color choice of the shorts should not be khaki or black in casual cases. Otherwise, it will be too much like a uniform or regular workwear. To stand out of personality or character, you may match VISDRY polos with chukkas, loafers, boat shoes or even the most comfortable ones, flip flops.

VISDRY as professional workwear

To go up a higher formal level, you may tuck in VISDRY polo shirts into your jeans or long trousers with Oxford or Chelsea boots. Wearing a nice pair of leather boots and a belt makes you look smart and bright. There is no doubt the match is the men's must-have workwear every day without thinking. In case you are going up to meet your clients, a formal work meeting, or an important presentation, wearing a suit jacket on top shows your professionalism. VISDRY polos shirts wearing underneath helps you stay cool and comfy.

DON’TS with VISDRY Polo shirts

Never wear an undershirt. VISDRY textile is already in streamlined-shape and breathable for men’s needs. Undershirt is more than enough for workwear or casual outfit. It looks bulky and stiff when the undershirt can be seen from the neckline/ collar. Don’t layer another polo shirt underneath either. Just in case there is a real need for wearing an undershirt, make sure it is not visible on the neckline and by your waistline.

No popping up of the collar. This trend has been over for a long time. It is not fashionable anymore. Rolling or popping up your collar shows awkwardness and unprofessionalism. If you intend only to pop up to protect your skin from the sun, please go ahead indeed.

Never wear an oversized or unfit polo shirt. Polo shirts are designed for slim fit in the chest and arms. Oversize or loose cannot help showing men’s body figure and biceps muscles. Too tight causes uncomfortableness and inconvenience for movement. Especially for as workwear, polo shirts should be just-right fit to go.

No over accessorizing. When wearing polo shirts, it is fashionable to match with a belt, a pair of sunglasses or a shiny silver necklace. Whatever accessory it is, only match one item at a time. More than one with a polo shirt will be awkward or more than enough. Polo shirts are better looking when they stay clean and neat.

Crafted with extra versatility and comfort to the timeless polo shirt, our VISDRY collection will surely become your all-time favorite among your other pieces in wardrobe. You can show off your personal style by mix and match with it, but you’ll still look professional at workplace.

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