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What is a wrinkle-free shirt? How does it work?

As a working professional, with a full day of work ahead tomorrow, who has time for steaming, ironing, or dry cleaning when you have places to go and people to see?

That explains the rising popularity of wrinkle-free clothing lines. The trend started with frequent travelers. Overstuffing suitcases is a cause of wrinkles. For the days when you have to look your best and keep memories, it would be a nightmare to combat rumpled clothes on the road. However, absolutely no one would want to spend their holiday ironing and dry cleaning. Not to mention the difficulty of bringing all the necessary tools along when packing.

Wrinkle-free clothing has recently exploded onto the scene in the work-from-home days. For Zoom meetings, crease-proof work staples become everyone’s best bet for a quick change from comfortable loungewear to an office-appropriate outfit within seconds. From easy-to-care blouses and blazers to wrinkle-free dress shirts, this has been a convenience revolution in the world of office attire.

A wrinkle-free function indicates that the clothing piece stays out of creases and wrinkles even after processes like repeated washing, drying, steaming and daily activities.

In very simple words, owning a wrinkle-free shirt means that you no longer have to go through the daily, draining process of ironing. Simply pull wrinkle-free clothes out from the dryer and wear them. All day your outfit would go the distance with you, crease and crumble free.

Why would shirts wrinkle?

To understand why a garment could be wrinkle-free, firstly you have to know why there would be a crease in the first place.

Bending is the major reason behind crease formation. When there is room for extensions and compression in the fabric, wrinkles are then formed. Most of the fibers in apparel are made of substances formed by hydrogen(water!) bonds that hold everything in shape. Whenever there is excess heat or an extra amount of water, including sweat, bonds break and molecules can easily move to new positions. Hence, wrinkles are created. Out of all popular fabric types, cotton is known to be easily wrinkled. Despite the comfort of wearing this natural fabric, cotton’s moisture-absorbing nature makes it very reactive to water.

To achieve a wrinkle-free effect on cotton, 2 methods do the job:

  1. Garment manufacturers blend cotton with other wrinkle-prone materials. The most common examples are to combine cotton with synthetic fabrics like polyester and spandex. While they aid in wrinkle resistance, they may also sacrifice the natural comfort of wearing pure cotton, distinctly in terms of skin breathability.

  2. The fabric has to go through a chemical process named “cross-linking”. Cross-linking coats cotton with chemical resins that link up hydrogen bonds and molecules in the fabric structure. Not only would it create stability for the fibers but also a smooth surface for the garment. This method is ideal for preserving cotton’s natural characteristics - soft, lightweight, and breathable.

How to tell if something is wrinkle-free?

The industrial standard unit for wrinkle resistance is a “DP Rating.” DP stands for Durable Press. It is a 5-point scale to evaluate the level of wrinkling on a garment. The higher the rating, the more chemical resins were used during the progress of producing the piece.

The market-accepted definition of wrinkle-free is when the garment scores from 3 to 3.5 DP. This is because excessive use of chemical resins would affect the fabric’s texture and breathability. The garment could become hard and fragile, making it easy to break and unbreathable while being worn. A 3.5 rating is the perfect balance between a fabric’s strength, physical performance, durability and comfort.

For modern gentlemen that pursue both convenience and elegance like you, our collection of wrinkle-free shirts is perfect for every possible occasion, while saving you from the burden of apparel care. From dress shirts and smart shirts, all styles in our shirt collections have obtained a 3.5 DP rating to achieve a true, wrinkle-free effect.

Instead of blending natural cotton with synthetic materials, shirts are completed with 100% extra-long staple (ELS) cotton for smoothness against your skin. This is of utmost importance if you are with dust mite, eczema and nose allergies. Cotton is a natural enemy for dust mites - usually the cause of allergies found in air-con and gas from automobiles. We ensure your skin does not act up to allergens, with minimized chemical manufacturing procedures.

The anti-bacterial finish of the shirts also helps wick away sweat stains to get you ready for the humid weather of the APAC area. Stay fresh and odor-free even in warmer weather, while keeping looking polished at the same time.

Why should I own a wrinkle-free dress shirt?

The answer to this question is relatively simple: because you can never go wrong with a dress shirt. A lot of people might be under the impression that a dress shirt is only a must for grand occasions. However, with some tiny mix-and-match hacks, you can in fact dress both up and down with it, making it an essential part of every man’s wardrobe. Here are some style inspirations for you to make the most out of your dress shirt:

For Work:

The white dress shirt is an absolute yes when it comes to a formal occasion. Nothing is more classic than a clean, pressed and most importantly, tailored to your body white dress shirt. Make sure you find the best fit for your body type - the golden rule for wearing any shirt. A fitted shirt that answers your body shape highlights your shoulders, chest lines and waist cut with its finish, making you look much smarter.

You should consider having a few alternatives in terms of colors. While many would suggest blue and light grey as a safe option, try an off-white or even light pink as your wardrobe extensions. In not quite as formal occasions that require mingling and casual chats, a warmer color tone could make you look much more approachable.

Explore our Wrinkle-free Dress Shirts with 61 size and fit combinations, tailored for you. 6 colors available.

For Life:

Pick a button-down collared shirt for your weekend dates or happy hour. A shorter length would be a plus to give a more laid-back image as well - since it is suitable both tucked in or not.

You could easily transit from office professional to smart-casual for after-work drinks, just by removing your tie and leaving the collar unbuttoned. Look for something more of a slim fit and smooth-looking to make it look neat. When it comes to wearing something all day long, a sweat-resistant finish should be the key as well. That way you could enjoy your off days' adventures hassle-free!

A change in the footwear and blazer helps with the causal vibe as well. Slip into a pair of loafers or even white sneakers to finish off a relaxed outfit. Uncuff and roll your sleeves up to the middle of your forearm - a sleek look completed!

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Always keep in mind that a style is a form of art. Never underestimate the versatility of a dress shirt. With some thinking, it is an all-time chic item that can be dressed formally and casually which reflects your personal style.

Check out our wrinkle-free collection of shirts now - your best friend in upgrading your wardrobe.


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