Spring/ Summer '24

Celebrate the arrival of spring and summer - seasons of renewal and vibrancy.

Our new Spring/Summer '24 Collection is packed with innovative designs and technologies to keep you comfortable throughout the warmer days.

Go all out with confidence and style this summer in our latest collection.

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Spring/ Summer '24

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Spring/ Summer '24

Dress Smart

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Spring/ Summer '24

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Spring/ Summer '24


From our InstantCool fabric that naturally cools on contact, to our patented stain-free VISDRY™ fabric, to the surprisingly stretchy yet soft CottonSTRETCH - you'll find everything you need to feel unfettered and enjoy summer without constraint.

Discover breakthroughs like our collection, allowing you to embrace each moment fully this season.


Blending natural cooling element into your favorite piece of clothing - regulating temperature, powering coolness, and wicking-away stickiness.


Our meticulously crafted two-sided fabric is engineered to combat perspiration and prevent unsightly sweat stains, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable throughout the day.


Our multi-way stretch CottonSTRETCH fabric takes cotton elasticity to the next level. Developed for unrestricted mobility, it ensures you can move smoothly and retain a spring in your step.

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