DET30™ 3D Reusable Mask


HKD 95.00


DET30™ 3D Reusable Mask is a general-purpose cotton mask. To keep you safe, it is made with anti-bacterial and water-repellent treated fabric that creates a barrier to obstruct droplets, while providing high breathability and comfort.  With an ergonomic design to rest comfortably against the contours of your face, our DET30™ 3D Reusable Mask comes in 3 different sizes to offers you an unrivaled wearing experience.

The DET30™ 3D Reusable Mask is not a personal protective equipment. It is not a substitute for a medical or surgical mask or a respirator. It is not suitable for use when you are sick, or when you are in clinical settings where infection risk through inhalation is high. Always observe comprehensive hygiene measures, and refer to your local health authority for more comprehensive information.

Click HERE to download user guide on how to use and wash your DET30™ 3D Reusable Mask.

Size ( X = Measurement from top to tip of nose down to Chin )

S: 116mm < X <=125mm

M: 125mm < X < 135mm

L: 135mm <= X <144mm


droplet obstruction